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The Right Message To The Right Visitor At The Right Time


Campaigns allow you to approach the right visitor at the right time with the best offer.
You decide who sees what and when. All this is done without any development or design effort from your side.
Campaign Goal
Target Audience
Campaign Trigger
Visual Mean

Select Campaign Goal

Campaigns can have many purposes: collecting leads, content recommendation, reducing cart abandonment rate, getting Facebook likes, polls and more

Define Visual Mean

Campaigns can be of several types: popup, slide-in window, greeting bar, bubble, and more

Define Campaign Trigger

Campaign can be triggered when the visitor is about to leave (exit-intent), when a specific amount of time has passed (timer), when user scrolls down a certain percent of the page (on scroll).

Define Target Audience

Target audience can be precisely defined: which website they came from (Google, Facebook, etc.), which country, new/returning visitors, and more. You can also target visitors based on their on-site behavior: visit duration, pages visited or pages NOT visited, and more.

Use Cases

Newsletter subscription / Content recommendation / Facebook like /
Reduce cart abandonment / Contact-us forms / Polls / Product promotion / And more...

Convert Abandoning Visitors Into Customers

We track users and their behavior and based on rules you define, we show specific visitor segments a custom offer. This allows you to re-target your visitors while they are still in the website. By using tailored campaigns you will target specific segments with a specific offer that best matches them. A few examples of what you could offer: a discount coupon, news-letter subscription, fill a 'contact us' form, suggest they visit another page in the website. No coding is needed.

Main Features

A complete solution for the marketer and business owner:
Control the promotions on the website. Analytics + Campaigns in real-time

Desktop & Mobile Support

Campaign can be defined to run on desktop, on mobile or on both. You can match the campaign to the device and situation. Our conversion experts will be happy to help you based on our experience with similar websites.

Real-Time Campaign Tracking

All the data is updated in real-time and can be seen in your dashboard. For each campaign you can see how many times it was shown, what is its conversion rate and how it contributes to your website goals. Easily segment the data by different metrics and identify your strong and weak areas.

Versatile Rules

Using simple UI define sophisticated rules to boost conversion rates. Show different messages to different visitors based on their characteristics, their history and their on-site behavior. This targeting allows each visitor to get the most relevant campaign.

Dynamic Campaigns

Any campaign can be filled with content that is extracted automatically. The content can come from the same page the campaign runs on, from other pages in the website, from cookies or from JavaScript variables. Can be used to recommend content from the same section, offer the latest deals or even greet the user by her name (if known).

Customized Campaigns

Each campaign is tailored to a specific visitor segment so that the visitor gets relevant content and you get better conversion. It's a win-win situation. The campaign is customized by content, by mean (popup, slide-in, etc.) and by timing (on exit, on timer, on scrolling down). It is also customized by the segment it targets.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The system includes a BI engine to help improve website conversion. You just define your website goals (e.g. finish purchase) and the engine will identify segments that don't convert well enough. You can then build a campaign to target that specific segment and improve its conversion rate.

A/B Testing

You can run several campaigns targeting the same audience (A/B testing or even multi-variant testing). The system will randomly select a campaign each time and you will eventually choose the winner campaign variant.


In addition to the in-depth campaign analysis, you also get a summary of the campaigns' results in one table that can be exported to excel. This is a great way of getting a quick overview of all your campaigns for a specific period.

Get Leads In Several Possible Ways

To your inbox / To your web-server (CRM) / Export to excel /
Directly to your email marketing tool:

Integrate With Your Web Analytics

Seamless integration

Frequently Asked Questions

The event limit is calculated daily. If you get to the limit within a certain day, events will not be collected until the next day (UTC time).
Many rules can be defined, for example: which website the visitor came from, which country, what day of the week, how long was the visit, which pages were seen, which pages were not seen, is the user registered or not, and more... You can also base rules on cookies or JavaScript variables. There are many more built-in rules and all can be defined easily using a friendly UI and without writing a single line of code.
No technical skills are required in order to operate Zoom Analytics. The tool is very user-friendly and full control is gained within a few minutes of use. Should you need assistance, our support team will be happy to help.
Zoom Analytics not only collects your data in the same way Google Analytics does, but it also analyzes it automatically and lets you target visitor segments in real-time while they are still in your website.
Installation takes about 2-3 minutes. It includes only adding a small tag (few lines of code) to your website pages, similar to adding Google Analytics.
A campaign is a combination of visual mean and rules. For example, an exit popup for new visitors who have not signed up to your newsletter yet.
In a regular remarketing campaign you approach visitors after they already left your website. With Zoom Analytics you target the visitors while they are still in your website. After you put so much effort into bringing traffic in the first place, it will be a waste to see them leave without being converter.
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